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17 Jul 2016
New supplies and chemistry involved in the latest generations in the lenses have created important progress in addressing the 2 fundamental criteria for selection :

More mature generations (and a few current generations) keep a yellow or slightly jaundiced hue even if not exposed to extremely violet light (indoors for instance). The latest generation Transitions are extensively regarded to be the top available and almost entirely clear within the absence of extremely violet.

Most more recent photochromatic lenses make a rapid changeover from gentle to dim as they're uncovered to extremely violet - the true check and also the differentiation will be the price at which they regress from the darkest tint to very clear. Once again Transitions lenses are widely thought to be very best in school in this regard.
Transitions lenses are a broadly held trademark for a specific (newest) technology of components and technology which might be mixed and offered beneath the "Transitions" brand name. Other (but equivalent) names are not precisely the same, and therefore are normally regarded to become not as very good, as they're from more mature era photochromatic technologies.

Finally - do not count on your photochromatic lenses (regardless of which brand name or technologies) to create considerably of the distinction whilst driving, as the windscreen of the car is created to soak up many of the UV just before it enters the cabin - therefore the lenses in your eyeglasses have nothing at all to respond with. In the event you want or would really like tinted lenses whilst driving, you happen to be far better off receiving two pairs in the identical body with prescription distinct and prescription tinted lenses.


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